Code for How to Detect ARP Spoof Attack using Scapy in Python Tutorial

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from scapy.all import Ether, ARP, srp, sniff, conf

def get_mac(ip):
    Returns the MAC address of `ip`, if it is unable to find it
    for some reason, throws `IndexError`
    p = Ether(dst='ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff')/ARP(pdst=ip)
    result = srp(p, timeout=3, verbose=False)[0]
    return result[0][1].hwsrc

def process(packet):
    # if the packet is an ARP packet
    if packet.haslayer(ARP):
        # if it is an ARP response (ARP reply)
        if packet[ARP].op == 2:
                # get the real MAC address of the sender
                real_mac = get_mac(packet[ARP].psrc)
                # get the MAC address from the packet sent to us
                response_mac = packet[ARP].hwsrc
                # if they're different, definitely there is an attack
                if real_mac != response_mac:
                    print(f"[!] You are under attack, REAL-MAC: {real_mac.upper()}, FAKE-MAC: {response_mac.upper()}")
            except IndexError:
                # unable to find the real mac
                # may be a fake IP or firewall is blocking packets

if __name__ == "__main__":
    import sys
        iface = sys.argv[1]
    except IndexError:
        iface = conf.iface
    sniff(store=False, prn=process, iface=iface)