Python Code Tutorials

How to Perform Reverse DNS Lookups Using Python

Learn how to perform reverse DNS lookups and find other websites hosted on the same server using Python and the ViewDNS API. Perfect for network administrators and cybersecurity professionals.

How to Check Password Strength with Python

Learn how to check password strength in Python using the zxcvbn library. This guide walks you through installing zxcvbn, importing necessary libraries, and creating functions to test single and multiple passwords. You'll securely input passwords and receive feedback on their strength.

How to Build a Breakout Game with PyGame in Python

Learn to build a classic Breakout game in Python using Pygame. This tutorial covers setting up the game window, creating the paddle, ball, and bricks, adding ball bouncing logic, updating scores, and incorporating sounds.

How to Add Sound Effects to your Python Game

Enhance your Python games with sound effects using Pygame. This tutorial covers installing Pygame, loading sounds, and incorporating audio feedback into games like Flappy Bird.

How to Remove Persistent Malware in Python

Learn how to detect and remove persistent malware using Python in this step-by-step tutorial. Explore methods for automating malware removal across Windows and Linux systems by manipulating startup entries and crontab files.

How to Make Malware Persistent in Python

Learn how to achieve persistence for malware using Python, ensuring it remains active after system reboots. This tutorial guides you through implementing persistence techniques on both Windows and Linux systems, from modifying registry settings to setting up cron jobs.

How to Make a Pacman Game with Python

Learn how to create a Pacman game using Python and Pygame with this comprehensive tutorial. Covering everything from setting up your environment, creating game characters and components, to running the game, this guide provides step-by-step instructions to build a fully functional Pacman game.

How to Exploit Command Injection Vulnerabilities in Python

Automate the detection and exploitation of OS command injection vulnerabilities using Python. This comprehensive guide covers setting up a test environment with DVWA and Metasploitable, detecting vulnerabilities, and automating tests with custom scripts.

How to Build Spyware in Python

Create a spyware in Python in this guide. Learn to build a surveillance tool that captures live video streams via a client-server architecture, with practical insights into network communication and video handling using OpenCV.

How to Extract Metadata from Docx Files in Python

Learn how to extract metadata from .docx files using Python-docx, a vital skill in digital forensics for analyzing document origins and malware tactics. This guide covers installation, coding with Python, and practical metadata analysis techniques.

How to Make a Grep Clone in Python

Learn to build your own Python-based grep tool in this concise guide, perfect for bug hunting and pen-testing. Master text pattern searches within files and streams, saving time and effort in your development tasks.

How to Remove Metadata from PDFs in Python

Learn to safeguard privacy by removing metadata from PDFs using Python's PyPDF2 in this tutorial. Discover how metadata can expose sensitive information and how to erase it to protect confidentiality, with step-by-step code guidance and practical examples.

How to Find Past Wi-Fi Connections on Windows in Python

Discover how to reveal all previously connected Wi-Fi networks on a Windows computer using Python, a crucial tool in digital forensics to unearth networks thought to be forgotten but stored in the Windows Registry.

How to Build a Username Search Tool in Python

Learn how to build a Python script that checks if a given username is available or taken across popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and more using concurrent requests in Python.

How to Create Videos from Images in Python

Learn how to create videos from image arrays using Python and OpenCV, focusing on timelapses. Setting up OpenCV, using argparse for input parameters, and processing images in batches. Key steps include configuring the VideoWriter object, iterating over images to build the video, and tips for efficient memory use.

How to Remove Metadata from Images in Python

Learn to protect your privacy by deleting metadata from images using Python and the Pillow library in this step-by-step tutorial, perfect for enhancing security.