Python Code Tutorials

How to Implement the Vigenère Cipher in Python

Step-by-step guide to implementing the Vigenère Cipher in Python. Understand its mechanism, strengths, and vulnerabilities, with practical examples for encryption and decryption.

How to Crack the Affine Cipher in Python

Learn to crack the Affine Cipher in Python with this step-by-step guide. Explore classical cryptography, understand modular arithmetic and linear algebra in encryption, and master brute force decryption with practical Python code.

How to Implement the Affine Cipher in Python

Discover the Affine Cipher in Python: a straightforward tutorial blending historical cryptography with modern coding, perfect for enthusiasts and programmers.

How to Create a Custom Wordlist in Python

Learn how to build a custom wordlist generator with options of minimum and maximum characters, and more with itertools in Python.

How to Lock PDFs in Python

Discover how to utilize the PyPDF2 library to password-protect and encrypt PDF files, ensuring top-notch security for sensitive documents. Learn to create a secure PDF locker and adopt strong password practices for enhanced cybersecurity.

How to Build a Twitter (X) Bot in Python

Discover how to create a Twitter bot using Python and Tweepy in this concise guide. Learn to automate tweets with a simple bot that shares dog facts hourly, and delve into setting up a Twitter Developer account, handling API keys, and using OAuth for authentication.

How to Create a Space Invaders Game in Python

Master game development with Python in this engaging tutorial, where you'll learn how to create your own Space Invaders game using Pygame. From setting up your environment to crafting game mechanics with ships, aliens, and bullets, this guide is packed with practical steps and essential coding insights. Ideal for begin

How to Crack the Caesar Cipher in Python

Unlock the secrets of the Caesar cipher with our Python tutorial. Learn the ins and outs of one of history's oldest codes and how to break it using modern computing power.

How to Implement the Caesar Cipher in Python

Learn to code the Caesar cipher in Python and encrypt messages like Julius Caesar! This beginner-friendly tutorial covers the basics of one of history's earliest ciphers with step-by-step coding instructions. Dive into the world of ancient cryptography!

How to Create a Zip File Locker in Python

Discover how to protect your ZIP files with a custom Python script in this tutorial. Learn to enforce strong passwords using pyzipper and safeguard your data from cyber threats. Perfect for programmers who love to DIY their security tools!

How to Verify File Integrity in Python

Learn to protect your downloads from corruption and cyberattacks. This guide teaches you how to verify file integrity using Python, ensuring that your files remain authentic and untampered.

How to Make a Facial Recognition System in Python

Master Python facial recognition with our step-by-step tutorial. Build real-time and image upload systems to identify faces with precision. Essential for security, attendance, and more. Perfect for beginners. Dive into the biometric tech world now!

How to Build a CRUD App with PyQt5 and SQLite3 in Python

Learn to build a sleek, fully-functional CRUD app using PyQt5 and SQLite3 in Python. This comprehensive tutorial takes you from setting up your database to creating a stylish user interface. Ideal for those looking to transition from Tkinter and create more customizable, native-looking GUI apps.

How to List Wi-Fi Networks in Python

Discover how to effortlessly find open Wi-Fi networks around you using Python. This in-depth guide walks you through using OS commands and Python libraries to scan and list available open Wi-Fi networks on both Windows and Linux systems. Perfect for busy urban environments.

How to Build a Password Manager in Python

Learn how to build a secure custom password manager using Python. This tutorial walks you through encryption, data storage, and various functionalities like adding, retrieving, and managing passwords. Elevate your online security game with some hands-on coding.

How to Create a Pong Game in Python

Discover how to craft a Pong game with Python and Pygame through a comprehensive tutorial, gaining hands-on game development skills. Learn key concepts like rendering graphics, managing game state, and handling user input while bringing your code to life in this engaging guide.