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Meet the Authors


I'm a self-taught Python programmer passionate about machine learning, deep learning, and anything else that involves data; I'm also enthused about cybersecurity and web scraping.

My full name is Abdeladim Fadheli, where Abdou is the short version, and Rockikz is my pseudonym; you can call me Abdou =)

I've been programming for over 6 years. I learned Python, and I guess I'm stuck here forever. I founded this free educational site to share my humble knowledge and progress in learning anything I find interesting in Python.

If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to contact me here.


I'm Sofiane OUAARI, a Developer at AMNIS Financial Technology Start-up. Interested and Curious in Data Science/Analysis and building Machine/Deep Learning around them. I am also a Co-Organizer at Google Developers Group Constantine in Algeria.


My name is Ahmed Waheed. A person with ideas, who is committed to learn and develop new things, and a team player. Python is my first programming language. I have a wide range of experience with image processing, data science tools, and libraries. I love to write.


I am Redouane NIBOUCHA, a computer science and engineering student, interested in cybersecurity, CTF player at Sudo_root, Ruby/Python/Lua programmer.


Bassem Marji is a project implementation manager at BLOM Bank with a proven track record of success.
He managed the implementation of over 50 projects and propelled the digital transformation of mission critical applications.
He spends his free time discovering the latest technology trends in the IT field.


Data scientist professional with a knack for artificial intelligence and computer vision. Ambitious, creative, and resourceful with a business mind. AI IBM Certified professional with two years of experience managing data science projects.


My name is Maxim Mäder, I am a young programming enthusiast looking to have fun coding and teaching you some things about programming.

I Master several programming languages like Python, PHP and JavaScript I also know how to make websites with HTML and CSS. Sometimes I even try to make games with the Godot Game Engine. But I always return to my first language Python, and that is why I love making tutorials about them. I hope you learn something from my tutorials and have as much fun as I do!


My name is Khumbo Klein Chilamwa, I'm a full-stack developer, who loves to work with new and exciting technologies. My love for the web has continued to grow since I got into the industry and will continue to do so. I’m a Python enthusiast, who loves creating cool things with Python. I’m also a content writer aficionado, who loves sharing Python knowledge in a user-friendly and simple-to-understand manner.


I am a self-taught web developer who is enthusiastic about technology and its applications. I enjoy experimenting with Python's Django framework, HTML, and CSS to create cool websites.

My interest in technology has led me to enjoy explaining technical information in a simple manner. When I'm not coding, I like to do photography.


I am Michael Maranan, I am currently a BA Student and I'm a self-taught programmer. I learned Python through free online courses and forums with curiosity and a little courage. I am willing to learn more and share them by writing blog posts to provide pieces of knowledge to other programmers, especially self-taught people like me.


Manas Gupta is a passionate AI aficionado, who values simplicity and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. With an insatiable thirst for learning, he spends his free time exploring cutting-edge creative tech. When not pushing the boundaries of technology, Manas can be found binge-watching thrilling suspense shows or immersing himself in the latest PC gaming craze!


Hi, I'm Yacine Rouizi - a self-taught developer passionate about machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision. My mission is to make these complex topics accessible to everyone through hands-on tutorials and clear explanations.

I'm the author of the book Mastering YOLO: Build an Automatic Number Plate Recognition System.


I'm Menard Maranan, a web developer and a technical writer by trade. Python is the very first programming language I learned and what served as my stepping stone into this field of software development. When it comes to the tech I'm currently working with, I'm full into the JavaScript/TypeScript ecosystem as I do mainly web development.

Right now, I'm doing mostly freelance work as I prefer flexibility and freedom in what I want to work on. Outside of work, I love playing the guitar (2000s rock songs are among my favorite). I also play some video games (GTA and Cyberpunk being my favorite).


I am a certified cybersecurity analyst with an avid interest in ethical hacking. I’m also a computer programmer. I enjoy the thrill of solving problems through programming and I have been doing so since 2019. Feel free to contact me here.


Python developer now turned writing wizard! With over 2 years in Python, I'm now spinning tech talk into easy-to-follow guides and tutorials. If you need someone to make your code crystal clear, I'm your go-to guy. Let me turn your tech troubles into plain English perfection!