Python Code Tutorials

How to Make a Login Password Guesser in Python

Master the art of ethical hacking with this hands-on tutorial on creating a Python-based login password guesser using brute-force techniques. Designed for educational purposes, this guide will level up your cybersecurity expertise.

How to Cartoonify Images in Python

Learn how to cartoonify images using Python and OpenCV in this step-by-step tutorial. Transform regular photos into cartoon-like visuals with just a few lines of code. Perfect for beginners in computer vision.

How to Make a Phone Number Tracker in Python

Learn how to build a phone number tracker in Python using phonenumbers, OpenCage and folium libraries.

Why Python Is Used for Cybersecurity

This article delves into the importance of cybersecurity for online businesses and why Python is a go-to programming language for cybersecurity experts. It highlights Python's various benefits, such as its simplicity, extensive libraries, and versatility across platforms. The article also discusses Python's limitations

Big Data Modeling in ClickHouse and PostgreSQL

This article compares ClickHouse and PostgreSQL for big data modeling, examining their approaches, advantages, and disadvantages. It aims to guide businesses in choosing the right database system for effectively managing and leveraging big data.

Automate Reports with Python

Learn how to automate report generation with Python in this article. Explore the process from environment setup to data preparation, report creation, customization, error handling, and security. Discover Python's versatility and efficiency in transforming the traditional way of preparing reports, saving time, and enhan

How to Use Python for Enterprise App Development

Discover how Python is shaping enterprise app development in this guide. Learn about the process from requirement analysis to deployment, the role of frameworks like Django and Flask, data management techniques, and future trends involving AI and Machine Learning. Explore why Python is essential for modern businesses.

How to Crack Hashes in Python

Learn how to crack hashes using Python's hashlib library and a brute-force approach with a wordlist. Gain insights into various hashing algorithms and understand the importance of secure data handling.

How to Make a Flappy Bird Game in Python

Learn how to build a flappy bird game from scratch using the Pygame library in Python.

How to Build a Full-Stack Web App in Python using FastAPI and React.js

Learn how to build a full-stack notes web app using FastAPI, ReactJS, SQLAlchemy and SQLite.

Real-Time Vehicle Detection, Tracking and Counting in Python

Learn how to perform vehicle detection, tracking and counting with YOLOv8 and DeepSORT using OpenCV library in Python.

5 Steps to Mastering Data Preprocessing with Python

The article is a guide on data preprocessing with Python for machine learning, covering importing libraries, understanding data, handling missing data, data transformation, and encoding categorical data. It includes practical Python examples for each stage.

How to Build a Chat App using Flask in Python

Learn how to build a web-based chat room application using Flask and Flask-SocketIO libraries in Python.

Unveiling the Power of Python in Network Engineering and Automation

This article delves into how Python empowers network engineering with easy automation, efficient monitoring, enhanced security, rapid prototyping, and seamless troubleshooting, making it a cost-effective and transformative tool in the industry.

How to Create a Platformer Game in Python

Learn how to build a platformer game from scratch using PyGame library in Python.

How to Upscale Images using Stable Diffusion in Python

Learn how to use stable diffusion 4x upscaler to upscale your low-resolution images into high quality images with Huggingface transformers and diffusers libraries in Python.