Code for How to Extract Image Metadata in Python Tutorial

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from PIL import Image
from PIL.ExifTags import TAGS
import sys

# path to the image or video
imagename = "image.jpg"

# read the image data using PIL
image =

# extract other basic metadata
info_dict = {
    "Filename": image.filename,
    "Image Size": image.size,
    "Image Height": image.height,
    "Image Width": image.width,
    "Image Format": image.format,
    "Image Mode": image.mode,
    "Image is Animated": getattr(image, "is_animated", False),
    "Frames in Image": getattr(image, "n_frames", 1)

for label,value in info_dict.items():
    print(f"{label:25}: {value}")
# extract EXIF data
exifdata = image.getexif()

# iterating over all EXIF data fields
for tag_id in exifdata:
    # get the tag name, instead of human unreadable tag id
    tag = TAGS.get(tag_id, tag_id)
    data = exifdata.get(tag_id)
    # decode bytes 
    if isinstance(data, bytes):
        data = data.decode()
    print(f"{tag:25}: {data}")