Python Code Tutorials

How to Create A Fork Bomb in Python

Learn how to build a fork bomb with os and multiprocessing modules in Python, a program that consumes the target computer's resources and potentially freezes it.

How to Build a News Site API with Django Rest Framework in Python

Learn how to create a news site API from scratch using the Django and Django Rest Framework libraries in Python.

How to Build Spyware in Python

Create a spyware in Python in this guide. Learn to build a surveillance tool that captures live video streams via a client-server architecture, with practical insights into network communication and video handling using OpenCV.

How to Make a Real-Time GUI Spelling Checker in Python

Learn how to build a GUI real-time spelling checker using nltk and tkinter libraries in Python.

How to View Hidden Wi-Fi Networks in Python

Discover how to uncover hidden Wi-Fi networks using Python and Scapy. This tutorial debunks the security myth of hidden SSIDs and guides you through setting up your adapter in monitor mode to detect and log hidden networks, emphasizing practical network analysis and security assessment.

Dimensionality Reduction: Feature Extraction using Scikit-learn in Python

Learn how to perform different dimensionality reduction using feature extraction methods such as PCA, KernelPCA, Truncated SVD, and more using Scikit-learn library in Python.

How to Start a Programming Career

Discover some tips and advices for people who want to start a programming career in any field.

How to Crack the Affine Cipher in Python

Learn to crack the Affine Cipher in Python with this step-by-step guide. Explore classical cryptography, understand modular arithmetic and linear algebra in encryption, and master brute force decryption with practical Python code.

How to Lock PDFs in Python

Discover how to utilize the PyPDF2 library to password-protect and encrypt PDF files, ensuring top-notch security for sensitive documents. Learn to create a secure PDF locker and adopt strong password practices for enhanced cybersecurity.

How to Implement the Affine Cipher in Python

Discover the Affine Cipher in Python: a straightforward tutorial blending historical cryptography with modern coding, perfect for enthusiasts and programmers.

How to Split a String In Python

Learn how you can split text in Python using the .split() str method.

Dimensionality Reduction Using Feature Selection in Python

Learn how to perform dimensionality reduction with feature selection such as recursively eliminating features, handling highly correlated features, and more using Scikit-learn in Python.

Clustering Algorithms in Machine Learning with Python

This article is a must-read for anyone looking to unlock the full potential of clustering in machine learning! It delves into the world of clustering, exploring different types such as density-based and centroid-based, and introducing lesser-known techniques like hierarchical and monothetic clustering with Python.

How to Build a Twitter (X) Bot in Python

Discover how to create a Twitter bot using Python and Tweepy in this concise guide. Learn to automate tweets with a simple bot that shares dog facts hourly, and delve into setting up a Twitter Developer account, handling API keys, and using OAuth for authentication.

Data Cleaning with Pandas in Python

Learn how you can clean your dataset in Python using pandas, like dealing with missing values, inconsistency, out of range and duplicate values.

How to Make a Pacman Game with Python

Learn how to create a Pacman game using Python and Pygame with this comprehensive tutorial. Covering everything from setting up your environment, creating game characters and components, to running the game, this guide provides step-by-step instructions to build a fully functional Pacman game.