Python Code Tutorials

Teach your Kids to Build Their Own Game with Python

Tips & guides for teaching your kids how to develop their own game with the help of Python.

Non-Maximum Suppression with OpenCV and Python

Explore the critical role of Non-Maximum Suppression (NMS) in object detection to eliminate redundant bounding boxes, ensuring precise results. This guide covers NMS's workings, the importance of Intersection-over-Union (IoU), and how to implement NMS with OpenCV in Python.

Setting Up Python Environment on a Dedicated Server

A guide on how to set up a Python environment on a dedicated server. It covers essential steps including connecting to the server via SSH, updating the system, installing Python and pip, creating a virtual environment, and running Python scripts.

How to Find Past Wi-Fi Connections on Windows in Python

Discover how to reveal all previously connected Wi-Fi networks on a Windows computer using Python, a crucial tool in digital forensics to unearth networks thought to be forgotten but stored in the Windows Registry.

How to Exploit Command Injection Vulnerabilities in Python

Automate the detection and exploitation of OS command injection vulnerabilities using Python. This comprehensive guide covers setting up a test environment with DVWA and Metasploitable, detecting vulnerabilities, and automating tests with custom scripts.

How to Make Malware Persistent in Python

Learn how to achieve persistence for malware using Python, ensuring it remains active after system reboots. This tutorial guides you through implementing persistence techniques on both Windows and Linux systems, from modifying registry settings to setting up cron jobs.

Why Learn Python for Data Science in 2024

Explore why you should learn Python programming language for learning data science in 2023

How to Remove Metadata from PDFs in Python

Learn to safeguard privacy by removing metadata from PDFs using Python's PyPDF2 in this tutorial. Discover how metadata can expose sensitive information and how to erase it to protect confidentiality, with step-by-step code guidance and practical examples.

Why Python Is Used for Cybersecurity

This article delves into the importance of cybersecurity for online businesses and why Python is a go-to programming language for cybersecurity experts. It highlights Python's various benefits, such as its simplicity, extensive libraries, and versatility across platforms. The article also discusses Python's limitations

Setting up Python on Mac: Installation Instructions and Running Your First Script

This article guides new MacBook users on setting up Python, checking for existing Python versions, and installing it if necessary. It also provides a step-by-step guide to running your first Python script.

How to Make a Grep Clone in Python

Learn to build your own Python-based grep tool in this concise guide, perfect for bug hunting and pen-testing. Master text pattern searches within files and streams, saving time and effort in your development tasks.

Big Data Modeling in ClickHouse and PostgreSQL

This article compares ClickHouse and PostgreSQL for big data modeling, examining their approaches, advantages, and disadvantages. It aims to guide businesses in choosing the right database system for effectively managing and leveraging big data.

How to Remove Persistent Malware in Python

Learn how to detect and remove persistent malware using Python in this step-by-step tutorial. Explore methods for automating malware removal across Windows and Linux systems by manipulating startup entries and crontab files.

How to Add Sound Effects to your Python Game

Enhance your Python games with sound effects using Pygame. This tutorial covers installing Pygame, loading sounds, and incorporating audio feedback into games like Flappy Bird.