Python Code Tutorials

How to Create a Space Invaders Game in Python

Master game development with Python in this engaging tutorial, where you'll learn how to create your own Space Invaders game using Pygame. From setting up your environment to crafting game mechanics with ships, aliens, and bullets, this guide is packed with practical steps and essential coding insights. Ideal for begin

How to Build a Twitter (X) Bot in Python

Discover how to create a Twitter bot using Python and Tweepy in this concise guide. Learn to automate tweets with a simple bot that shares dog facts hourly, and delve into setting up a Twitter Developer account, handling API keys, and using OAuth for authentication.

Big Data Modeling in ClickHouse and PostgreSQL

This article compares ClickHouse and PostgreSQL for big data modeling, examining their approaches, advantages, and disadvantages. It aims to guide businesses in choosing the right database system for effectively managing and leveraging big data.