Python Code Tutorials

How to Make a Snake Game in Python

Learn how to build a classic snake game using Pygame in Python. This detailed step-by-step tutorial explains how to initialize Pygame, generate food for the snake, draw game objects, update the snake's position, handle user input, and manage the game loop. Suitable for beginner to intermediate Python programmers intere

Fine-tuning BERT for Semantic Textual Similarity with Transformers in Python

Learn how you can fine-tune BERT or any other transformer model for semantic textual similarity using Huggingface Transformers, PyTorch and sentence-transformers libraries in Python.

How to Calculate the BLEU Score in Python

Deep-dive into the BLEU Score: A guide to understanding BLEU (Bilingual Evaluation Understudy), a vital metric in NLP. Learn how it evaluates machine-generated sentences against human references in text summarization, translation, and more with NLTK in Python.

Setting up Python on Mac: Installation Instructions and Running Your First Script

This article guides new MacBook users on setting up Python, checking for existing Python versions, and installing it if necessary. It also provides a step-by-step guide to running your first Python script.