Python Code Tutorials

How to Make a Network Scanner using Scapy in Python

Building a simple network scanner using ARP requests and monitor the network using Scapy library in Python.

How to Use Github API in Python

Using Github Application Programming Interface v3 to search for repositories, users, making a commit, deleting a file, and more in Python using requests and PyGithub libraries.

How to Detect Shapes in Images in Python using OpenCV

Detecting shapes, lines and circles in images using Hough Transform technique with OpenCV in Python. Hough transform is a popular feature extraction technique to detect any shape within an image.

How to Brute Force ZIP File Passwords in Python

Learn how to crack zip file passwords using dictionary attack in Python using the built-in zipfile module.

How to Extract Chrome Passwords in Python

Learn how to extract and decrypt Google Chrome browser saved passwords using Python with the help of sqlite3 and other modules.

How to Make a Speech Emotion Recognizer Using Python And Scikit-learn

Building a Speech Emotion Recognition system that detects emotion from human speech tone using Scikit-learn library in Python

How to Apply HOG Feature Extraction in Python

Learn how to use scikit-image library to extract Histogram of Oriented Gradient (HOG) features from images in Python.

How to Sniff HTTP Packets in the Network using Scapy in Python

Sniffing and printing HTTP packet information, such as the url and raw data ( passwords, search queries, etc. ) in case the method is POST.

How to Make a Port Scanner in Python

Learn how to write a port scanner in Python using sockets, starting with a simple port scanner and then diving deeper to a threaded version of a port scanner that is reliable for use.

How to Perform Edge Detection in Python using OpenCV

Learning how to apply edge detection in computer vision applications using canny edge detector algorithm with OpenCV in Python.

How to Crack PDF Files in Python

Learn how you can use pikepdf, pdf2john and other tools to crack password protected PDF files in Python.

How to Extract Frames from Video in Python

Making two different methods to extract frames from videos with the timestamp with OpenCV or MoviePy libraries in Python.

How to Make an Email Extractor in Python

Building a Python tool to automatically extract email addresses in any web page using requests-html library and regular expressions in Python.

How to Extract YouTube Data in Python

Scraping YouTube videos and extracting useful video information such as title, total views, publish date, video duration, tags, likes and dislikes and more in Python using requests_html and Beautiful Soup libraries.

How to Use Hashing Algorithms in Python using hashlib

Using different hashing algorithms such as SHA-2, SHA-3 and BLAKE2 in Python using hashlib built-in module for data integrity.

How to Perform YOLO Object Detection using OpenCV in Python

Using the state-of-the-art YOLOv8 object detection for real-time object detection, recognition and localization in Python using OpenCV, Ultralytics and PyTorch.