Python Code Tutorials

How to Connect to a Remote MySQL Database in Python

Learn how to configure your MySQL server to be able to accept remote connections from Python

How to Use Proxies to Rotate IP Addresses in Python

Learn how to perform web scraping at scale by preventing websites to ban your ip address while scraping them using different proxy methods in Python.

How to Compress PDF Files in Python

Learn how to compress PDF files in Python using the wrapper of PDFTron SDK.

How to Play and Record Audio in Python

Learn how to play and record sound files using different libraries such as playsound, Pydub and PyAudio in Python.

Webhooks in Python with Flask

Learn how to create a streaming application with real-time charting by consuming webhooks with the help of Flask, Redis, SocketIO and other libraries in Python.

SIFT Feature Extraction using OpenCV in Python

Learn how to compute and detect SIFT features for feature matching and more using OpenCV library in Python.

How to Make Facebook Messenger Bot in Python

Making a facebook messenger chat bot in python using fbchat library, you can make customized auto messages and bots, get user information, and much more handy tools.

How to Build an ARP Spoofer in Python using Scapy

Building and creating an ARP Spoof script in Python using Scapy to be able to be a man in the middle to monitor, intercept and modify packets in the network.

How to Make a SYN Flooding Attack in Python

Learn how to use Scapy library in Python to perform a TCP SYN Flooding attack, which is a form of denial of service attacks.

How to Download Torrent Files in Python

Using Python wrapper for qBittorrent Web API to automatically download, pause and handle torrent files in Python.

How to Build a Text Generator using TensorFlow 2 and Keras in Python

Building a deep learning model to generate human readable text using Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) and LSTM with TensorFlow and Keras frameworks in Python.

How to Extract Chrome Cookies in Python

Learn how to extract Google Chrome browser saved cookies and decrypt them on your Windows machine in Python.

How to Extract Saved WiFi Passwords in Python

Learn how you can extract Wi-Fi passwords that are saved in your machine (either Windows or Linux) using Python without installing any third-party library.

How to Manipulate IP Addresses in Python using ipaddress Module

Using ipaddress standard Python library to manipulate IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, networks, subnets and more.

How to Make a DNS Spoof attack using Scapy in Python

Writing a DNS spoofer script in Python using Scapy library to successfully change DNS cache of a target machine in the same network.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in Python

Learn how to Use Tesseract OCR library and pytesseract wrapper for optical character recognition (OCR) to convert text in images into digital text in Python.