Python Code Tutorials

How to Make a Calculator with Tkinter in Python

Learn how to make a calculator app with various features such as history and formulas using Tkinter library in Python.

How to Build a Weather App using Django in Python

Learn how you can build a Django website showing weather of any city in the world using OpenWeatherMap API in Python.

How to Build a CRUD Application using Django in Python

Learn how to build a CRUD Book store app using Django web framework and Bootstrap, with the ability to create, read, update, and delete books with ease.

How to Make a Typing Speed Tester with Tkinter in Python

Learn how to build a UI-based typing speed tester in Python using the built-in Tkinter library.

How to Use MongoDB Database in Python

Learn how to connect to a MongoDB database, list databases, collections, insert data into collections, fetching data from collections and more in Python using pymongo driver module.

How to Organize Files by Extension in Python

Learn how to separate your files by extension in your target folder using Python's built-in libraries.

Automate Reports with Python

Learn how to automate report generation with Python in this article. Explore the process from environment setup to data preparation, report creation, customization, error handling, and security. Discover Python's versatility and efficiency in transforming the traditional way of preparing reports, saving time, and enhan

How to Use Pickle for Object Serialization in Python

Using Python standard library pickle module to save (pickle) and load (unpickle) any type of object in Python.

How to Add a TLS/SSL Certificate in Python Code

Learn how to secure your Python applications with TLS/SSL certificates. Understand the importance of these cryptographic protocols, and grasp how to integrate SSL certificates into Python code using requests library.

How to Build a GraphQL API in Python

Learn how to leverage FastAPI, Strawberry, and PostgreSQL to build a fully functional CRUD GraphQL API server in Python.

How to Implement the Vigenère Cipher in Python

Step-by-step guide to implementing the Vigenère Cipher in Python. Understand its mechanism, strengths, and vulnerabilities, with practical examples for encryption and decryption.

How to Build a GUI QR Code Generator and Reader in Python

Learn how to build a complete GUI QR code generator and reader program in Python using Tkinter, qrcode and OpenCV libraries.

How to Reverse Videos in Python

Learn how to reverse videos by extracting frames and loading them in the inverted order using MoviePy library in Python.

How to Implement the Caesar Cipher in Python

Learn to code the Caesar cipher in Python and encrypt messages like Julius Caesar! This beginner-friendly tutorial covers the basics of one of history's earliest ciphers with step-by-step coding instructions. Dive into the world of ancient cryptography!

How to Use the Argparse Module in Python

Master the argparse module in Python with this comprehensive tutorial, covering command-line applications, argument parsing, real-world examples, integration with other libraries, and best practices to create user-friendly interfaces and powerful command-line tools.

How to Calculate the BLEU Score in Python

Deep-dive into the BLEU Score: A guide to understanding BLEU (Bilingual Evaluation Understudy), a vital metric in NLP. Learn how it evaluates machine-generated sentences against human references in text summarization, translation, and more with NLTK in Python.