Python Code Tutorials

How to Use the Argparse Module in Python

Master the argparse module in Python with this comprehensive tutorial, covering command-line applications, argument parsing, real-world examples, integration with other libraries, and best practices to create user-friendly interfaces and powerful command-line tools.

How to Calculate the BLEU Score in Python

Deep-dive into the BLEU Score: A guide to understanding BLEU (Bilingual Evaluation Understudy), a vital metric in NLP. Learn how it evaluates machine-generated sentences against human references in text summarization, translation, and more with NLTK in Python.

Detecting Fraudulent Transactions in a Streaming App using Kafka in Python

Learn how to detect and filter fraudulent transactions in a streaming application using Apache Kafka with Python API.

Autoencoders for Dimensionality Reduction using TensorFlow in Python

Learn how to benefit from the encoding/decoding process of an autoencoder to extract features and also apply dimensionality reduction using Python and Keras all that by exploring the hidden values of the latent space.

Speech Recognition in Python

Learn how to do Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) using APIs and/or directly performing Whisper inference on Transformers in Python

How to Make a Login Password Guesser in Python

Master the art of ethical hacking with this hands-on tutorial on creating a Python-based login password guesser using brute-force techniques. Designed for educational purposes, this guide will level up your cybersecurity expertise.

Zipf's Word Frequency Plot with Python

Learn how to make plots with Python and matplotlib by checking texts for their word frequency distributions.

Logistic Regression using PyTorch in Python

Learn how to perform logistic regression algorithm using the PyTorch deep learning framework on a customer churn example dataset in Python.

Imbalance Learning With Imblearn and Smote Variants Libraries in Python

Learn how to overcome imbalance related problems by either undersampling or oversampling the dataset using different types and variants of smote in addition to the use of the Imblearn library in Python.

Python for Cyber Security: A Beginners Guide

A guide to Cybersecurity beginners and enthusiasts who want to learn the Python programming language.

How to Build a GUI Language Translator App in Python

Learn how to build a GUI language translator app with tkinter, googletrans, pyttsx3, ttkbootstrap, and pyperclip libraries in Python.

How to Create a Slide Puzzle Game in Python

Learn how to make a slide puzzle game from scratch step by step with Pygame library in Python.

How to Create a RESTful API with Flask in Python

Learn to build a RESTful API using Flask, Python, and SQLite, covering setup, CRUD operations, database integration, and best practices for code organization.

How to Create a Pong Game in Python

Discover how to craft a Pong game with Python and Pygame through a comprehensive tutorial, gaining hands-on game development skills. Learn key concepts like rendering graphics, managing game state, and handling user input while bringing your code to life in this engaging guide.

How to Implement the Caesar Cipher in Python

Learn to code the Caesar cipher in Python and encrypt messages like Julius Caesar! This beginner-friendly tutorial covers the basics of one of history's earliest ciphers with step-by-step coding instructions. Dive into the world of ancient cryptography!

How to Perform Image Segmentation using Transformers in Python

Learn how to use image segmentation transformer model to segment any image using huggingface transformers and PyTorch libraries in Python.