Python Code Tutorials

How to Make a Bluetooth Device Scanner in Python

Master Bluetooth device scanning with Python: A concise tutorial on using PyBluez for discovering and analyzing nearby Bluetooth devices, essential for cybersecurity and ethical hacking.

How to Perform Image Segmentation using Transformers in Python

Learn how to use image segmentation transformer model to segment any image using huggingface transformers and PyTorch libraries in Python.

How to Make a Markdown Editor using Tkinter in Python

Learn how you can create a markdown editor using the Tkinter library and regular expressions in Python.

How to Control Generated Images by Diffusion Models via ControlNet in Python

Learn how you can control images generated by stable diffusion using ControlNet with the help of Huggingface transformers and diffusers libraries in Python.

How to Create a Space Invaders Game in Python

Master game development with Python in this engaging tutorial, where you'll learn how to create your own Space Invaders game using Pygame. From setting up your environment to crafting game mechanics with ships, aliens, and bullets, this guide is packed with practical steps and essential coding insights. Ideal for begin

How to Make a Blog using Django in Python

Learn how to build a simple blog from scratch using the Django framework and Bootstrap styling in Python.

Tokenization, Stemming, and Lemmatization in Python

This article discusses the preprocessing steps of tokenization, stemming, and lemmatization in natural language processing. It explains the importance of formatting raw text data and provides examples of code in Python for each procedure.

Python vs. JavaScript, Which Is Better for Scraping?

Learn the pros and cons of Python and Javascript programming languages when it comes to web scraping.

How to Build a GUI Voice Recorder App in Python

Learn how to build a voice recorder GUI app using Tkinter and sounddevice libraries in Python.

Visual Question Answering with Transformers in Python

Learn the current state-of-the-art models (such as BLIP, GIT, and BLIP2) for visual question answering with huggingface transformers library in Python.

How to Build a CRUD App with PyQt5 and SQLite3 in Python

Learn to build a sleek, fully-functional CRUD app using PyQt5 and SQLite3 in Python. This comprehensive tutorial takes you from setting up your database to creating a stylish user interface. Ideal for those looking to transition from Tkinter and create more customizable, native-looking GUI apps.

How to Build a Sudoku Game with Python

Learn how to build your own Sudoku game in Python using Pygame with this comprehensive tutorial. Covering installation, game logic, user interface, and a timer feature, this guide is perfect for enthusiasts looking to create a functional and extendable Sudoku puzzle game.

How to Make a Todo App using Django in Python

Learn how you can build a simple Todo application using the Django framework, crispy forms and Bootstrap in Python;

How to Perform IP Address Spoofing in Python

Master IP spoofing with Python: Dive into crafting fake IP addresses to test network security. Utilize Scapy and Faker in a hands-on tutorial to send spoofed ICMP packets, complete with practical examples and step-by-step instructions.

How to Generate Fake User Data in Python

Master Python's Faker library to generate and manage fake user data. Ideal for privacy protection and software testing, this tutorial covers creating a versatile program for realistic data generation, including saving options in CSV or TXT formats.

How to Make a Hangman Game in Python

Learn how to make a hangman game to guess a word in Python using the standard library.