Python Code Tutorials

How to Build a GUI Voice Recorder App in Python

Learn how to build a voice recorder GUI app using Tkinter and sounddevice libraries in Python.

How to Make a Todo App using Django in Python

Learn how you can build a simple Todo application using the Django framework, crispy forms and Bootstrap in Python;

How to Control Generated Images by Diffusion Models via ControlNet in Python

Learn how you can control images generated by stable diffusion using ControlNet with the help of Huggingface transformers and diffusers libraries in Python.

Handling Imbalanced Datasets: A Case Study with Customer Churn

Learn how to handle one of the main data science common problems, which are imbalanced datasets, how to deal with them using SMOTE, tweaking class weights, and resampling in Python.

How to Create a Slide Puzzle Game in Python

Learn how to make a slide puzzle game from scratch step by step with Pygame library in Python.

Visual Question Answering with Transformers in Python

Learn the current state-of-the-art models (such as BLIP, GIT, and BLIP2) for visual question answering with huggingface transformers library in Python.

How to Generate SVG Country Maps in Python

Learn how to use the GADM API to make SVG maps of all world countries in Python.

Automate Reports with Python

Learn how to automate report generation with Python in this article. Explore the process from environment setup to data preparation, report creation, customization, error handling, and security. Discover Python's versatility and efficiency in transforming the traditional way of preparing reports, saving time, and enhan

Why use Python for Data Analysis

Learn what a Data Analyst is and what you should know when using Python programming language for data analysis.

How to Make a Hangman Game in Python

Learn how to make a hangman game to guess a word in Python using the standard library.

How to Build an Authentication System in Django

Learn how you can build a simple authentication system (sign up, login, and logout) using the Django framework and Bootstrap in Python.

How to Build a Dictionary App with Tkinter in Python

Learn how to build a nice GUI dictionary app with audio pronounciation using the Tkinter library in Python.

How to Create an Alarm Clock App using Tkinter in Python

Learn how to build a simple alarm clock app using tkinter and playsound libraries in Python.

How to Start a Programming Career

Discover some tips and advices for people who want to start a programming career in any field.

How to Build an Email Address Verifier App using Django in Python

Learn how to build a web-based application in Django that verifies email addresses using email-validator in Python.

How to Detect Gender by Name using Tkinter in Python

Learn how to extract gender from first name using API and build a GUI around it with Tkinter in Python.